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Chelsea Community Church brings people together from across London, reflecting the rich diversity of our city.

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Chelsea Community Church has a truly diverse congregation, without a predominant ethnic group.  While some might label us “multicultural”, we’re not sure that accurately describes us.  We prefer the term “polycultural”.


For us, “polycultural” embraces the value and uniqueness of people from all ethnicities, created in God’s image, but encourages to influence and change one another in God’s love, so that together we become God’s Kingdom people.  Our polycultural approach nurtures personal and collective transformation, promoting cooperation, respect and love among people.  Our unity in Christ is God’s gift to challenge and change us so that we might become the people God desires.


Our aim at Chelsea Community Church is to embody a new “Kingdom” culture, filled with the love of Jesus, that celebrates our diversity and rejoices in our unity as one people of God.  We may have diverse backgrounds, but we are united in Jesus.

Good News for London

A diverse church in the heart of London welcoming you

Our Recent History

Chelsea Community Church began in 1866.  The church flourished throughout its early years as a congregational church, offering an alternative to other churches in the area.  The building was bombed in WWII and temporarily closed, but the congregation continued.  The present building opened in 1960.


Just before the pandemic, Chelsea Community Church almost closed.  Dwindling numbers and a bad experience with another group using the building almost killed the church.  However, a faithful elder, who had served Jesus in our church for over 40 years, held onto hope that God might restore Chelsea Community Church. Working together with the Minister of City Temple in the City of London, he developed a vision for the possible restoration of the church.


The elders of Chelsea Community Church invited City Temple to “adopt” Chelsea during the redevelopment of City Temple’s building.  They welcomed City Temple to join with Chelsea during the building redevelopment, so that together we might witness Jesus restoring the church to health and growth for the Kingdom of God.


Chelsea Community Church currently hosts City Temple for all its services and activities.  Although they maintain their distinct identities, the two churches work together closely.  City Temple has now met with Chelsea Community Church for over a year. We have seen many new people join our congregation. The elders have worked to build and restore foundations for our church's future.  God has shown us tremendous favour.  Now, we believe it is time for Chelsea Community Church to flourish once again.

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The City Temple website contains many more resources, including live-streamed sermons each week.

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